Apply for business finance online – a user guide

Does the thought of spending hours applying for finance fill you with dread? Would you rather be running your business rather than pushing paper? At BIZL we understand your pain, which is why we have built a really easy platform that means you can apply to 20+ lenders in just 5 minutes.

Compare business finance the easy way

  Gym membership, spas & hotels, flights, smart TVs and new phones – these are just some of the purchases many of us will compare prices for. If I find myself in a shop looking at something expensive like a TV, 9 times out of 10 I will also check online to see if I […]

Which businesses can compare finance options online?

  BIZL is a business finance comparison platform on a mission to transform the market by putting small businesses in control when raising finance. In this blog we discuss three areas, i) what businesses BIZL works with; ii) what sectors BIZL supports; and iii) how BIZL can help your business.  

SME finance: Putting businesses in the driving seat

Businesses like yours are fundamental to the stability and success of the nation, providing jobs for our workers, services for our communities and diversity for our economy. We think you deserve better. What’s more, we know how to go about it.