How to boost your business’ working capital

In this article we take a look at the range of finance options available to small businesses who need to boost their working capital. Inside you’ll read about traditional options as well as one or two lesser known ways to fund your business.

Getting business finance if you have a CCJ

  When you’ve been issued with a CCJ (County Court Judgment), getting business finance might seem unlikely. In reality, although it might be harder it is not impossible. There are ways you can help lessen the effect of a CCJ on your business, potentially making it easier to find a lender.

Peer to peer lending – the facts behind the hype

    It’s one of the hottest topics in business finance, yet for all that, there is probably more rumour and misinformation about peer to peer lending than there is on any other topic. Here we take a look at what it is, what it isn’t and why it can be such a compelling solution […]

How credit reference agencies work

  When lenders assess a finance application, they pull data from credit reference agencies on both the business and the owners. Credit reference agencies hold information which falls under three main headings:

Business loan declined? 4 ways to bounce back

  You’ve crunched the numbers and decided you need to raise finance to get to the next stage. You’ve brushed up your latest accounts, done some projections, downloaded your bank statements and applied to your bank. But no deal. Application rejected. Come back next year. If that’s you then you’re not alone. Brush yourself off […]

Women in business – the rise of female-led SMEs

8th March 2018 marks International Women’s Day, a moment to reflect and press for progress for gender equality. Therefore we take this opportunity to briefly look at how women are represented across the UK small business population.

Apply for business finance online – a user guide

Does the thought of spending hours applying for finance fill you with dread? Would you rather be running your business rather than pushing paper? At BIZL we understand your pain, which is why we have built a really easy platform that means you can apply to 20+ lenders in just 5 minutes.